50% Subscription Growth with One Live Launch | EP 91

interviews podcast Oct 12, 2022


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I’m so excited to have Launch Your Box member Nicola Bird of The Floral Project join me all the way from the UK for today’s episode to share her subscription box journey and the story of her recent, wildly successful live launch. 

An entrepreneur for more than 20 years and a lifelong lover of flowers, Nicola started The Floral Project in order to bring cheer and connection during the pandemic to people who were alone and lonely. Her big vision for The Floral Project is a million posies of flowers given every year to people in local communities who need a smile. These are people who don't have regular visitors and may feel isolated or lonely. People who are unable to grow their own flowers or afford them.

I can’t wait for you to hear how Nicola jumped into Launch Your Box with both feet and smashed her live launch. Nicola almost didn’t join Launch Your Box because she had already launched her subscription box business. Once she realized I also teach people how to grow their existing subscription box businesses, Nicola joined and started consuming the content quickly. 

When it was time for her launch, Nicola followed the launch training inside Launch Your Box to a tee. And she was smart about every step of the process. Nicola not only produced all the social media and email content I recommend, she wrote and scheduled it ahead of time before she was in the midst of the stress and excitement of her launch. She went LIVE, she talked about the benefits of the subscription, and she spoke to her people in their language. 

The result? In ONE live launch, Nicola gained 232 subscribers, smashing her goal of 130 new subscribers. Nicola described herself as “gobsmacked” by the results. The truth? She did everything right. She did the work and did all the things. And now Nicola is excited to turn her energy toward nurturing her more than 700 members, loving on them and continuing to teach them how to impact the lives of others with the gorgeous flowers they’ll grow and give away!

Join me for this episode as Nicola walks us through each day of her live launch and what she did in the days leading up to her launch that led to growing her subscription by 50% in just five days! 


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