5 Email Swipe Files Subscription Box Owners Can Send Every Month

Don’t let not knowing what to say get in the way of connecting with and nurturing your email list.

Grab my swipe files of ALL five types of emails I send my list each month!

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So... What emails are included?

Monthly Unboxing

Connect with subscribers, create excitement for them and FOMO for non-subscribers!

Subscriber Shares

Create excitement and FOMO when you share pictures, messages, and comments from subscribers telling you how much they loved this month’s box.

5 Ways to Use Your Box

Encourage subscribers to consume the contents of the box. So important!

Box Sneak Peek

Get your subscribers excited about the next box and let non-subscribers see what they’re missing out on - more FOMO!

Behind the Scenes

Your audience LOVES getting a peek behind the scenes of your business! Take them along as you design or make products or even pack boxes.

I am Sarah, owner of Framed! by Sarah.  I've owned my store for over 7 years, and have built 4 successful subscription boxes from that niche. 
Now, with my Launch Your Box membership, I teach a fantastic group of small business owners all my strategies and tactics to launch, grow, and scale their very own subscription box.
One of my #1 questions about email marketing I get asked is, "what do I write to my email list?"
So, I've created this resource just for you!
I hope you love it!